ExiPrep™ 96 Lite

Highly efficient and fast device designed for the extraction of nucleic acids with the magnetic method. Tailored to individual user needs, it enables simultaneous isolation of up to 96 samples, with the possibility of modifying the number of isolations to 64 or 32 simultaneously. Short extraction time up to 30 min. The system works on the basis of compatible isolation sets containing a set of reagents for conducting the process. The kit contains test plates with a specified purpose, lyophilizate with protease, and plastic, disposable covers for magnetic rods.

Possibilities and benefits

  • Simultaneous extraction of nucleic acid samples with the ability to modify the amount from at least 32 to 96 isolations, allowing the appropriate amount of reagents to be used without unnecessary waste.
  • Built-in optimized nucleic acid extraction protocol
    Built-in optimized nucleic acid extraction protocol for optimized kits and different samples, with a feature that allows users to easily create their own protocol.
  • Minimized nucleic acid extraction time
    Fast nucleic acid extraction time in only 30 minutes
  • Wide compatibility
    Possible to extract nucleic acids from different types of samples, such as blood, bacteria, tissues, cells, plants, etc.
  • Prevention of contamination
    UV tube, contamination shield to prevent contamination
  • Minimized workspace
    Minimized equipment size and increased lab space efficiency
  • Convenience
    User-friendly interface without the need for a separate computer thanks to the 13.3-inch touchscreen on the front of the device

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Product Specifications:

Dimensions (cm) 40 (W) x 57.5 (D) x 54.6 (H)
Weight (kg) 46
Voltage/frequency 100-240V~, 50/60Hz
Power Max. 500VA (fuse: 250V, F6:3AL, 2 pcs.)
Heating block 30-90 ℃
Temperature-controlled block 4-90 ℃
Operating temperature 15-35 ℃
Operating humidity 20-80%, non-condensing
Operating system Built-in
Communication TCP/IP
User interface display 7 inch touch screen
Data storage USB 2.0 (x2)

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