Thermocycler - Exicler™ 96 (ver. 4)

A modern, high-throughput 96-well system designed for PCR applications.

Isolator – ExiPrep™ 96 Lite

Highly efficient and fast device designed for the extraction of nucleic acids with the magnetic method. Tailored to individual user needs, it enables simultaneous isolation of up to 96 samples.

Isolator – ExiPrep™ 48

ExiPrep ™ 48 – a device for the automatic extraction of nucleic acids from at least 8 to 48 samples simultaneously.

Isolator – ExiPrep™ 16 Plus

ExiPrep 16 Plus is a laboratory system for the automatic extraction of DNA or RNA from a variety of biological samples, including tissue, whole blood, serum, plasma, swabs, bacteria, yeast, etc.

AccuLoader ™

A device to facilitate dispensing samples into the appropriate wells.