Exicler ™ 96 (ver.4)

A modern, high-throughput 96-well system designed for PCR applications.

Diagnostic capabilities:

– infectious diseases, detection of genetic material of infectious agents
– gene expression detection
– genotype analysis, polymorphism testing
– diagnosis of genetic diseases
– oncological diagnostics


– Sensitive, homogeneous optical system based on the phenomenon of light polarization, which in turn has a direct impact on the detection, providing reliable and credible results
– Improved speed – reduced testing time
– accuracy and temperature uniformity which guarantees thermal reliability and even temperature distribution in individual positions on the heating block
– Simultaneous, wide and dynamic detection range – eliminates delays and reading errors, avoids repeating tests and dilution problems
– 5 detection channels – wide experimental range
– self-diagnostic system – technical evaluation of the device and ongoing monitoring before the experiment, which eliminates the occurrence of errors during the process.
– fully automatic equipment operation system
– An intuitive and user-friendly interface for convenience at all stages of the process.

How to use the device?

Product Specifications:

Physical Specifications
Dimensions355 mm (W) x 540 mm (D) x 470 mm (H)
13.98 inches (W) x 21.26 inches (D) x 18.50 inches (H)
Weight86.0 lbs (39.0 kg)
Sample capacity/sizeQuick block: Opaque white 96-well PCR low-profile plate/ 0.2 ml opaque white 8-well PCR low-profile tube
Normal Block: Opaque white 96-well PCR plate/0.2 ml Opaque white 8-well PCR tube
Sample volumeQuick block: 10 – 50 µl
Normal block: 20 – 100 µ (recommended 50 µl)
Power consumption100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 850 W max.
Operating temperature59 – 86 ⁰F (15 – 30 ⁰C)
Operating humidity20 - 80%, non-condensing
Thermal module specifications
Heating/cooling methodPeltier
Temperature range39.2 – 211.82 ⁰F (4.0 – 99.9°C)
Maximum ramp speedQuick block: 9.0⁰F/s (5.0°C/s)
Normal block: 8.1⁰F/s (4.5°C/s)
Temperature accuracy± 0.54 °F (± 0.3 °C)
Temperature uniformity± 0.54 °F (± 0.3 °C)
Cover temperature194 – 248 ⁰F (90 – 120 °C)
Temperature increment range0.18 – 3.6 ⁰F (0.1 – 2.0 °C)
Time increment range1 – 60 s
Gradient range*36 – 203 ⁰F (20 – 95 °C)
Ramp speed control0,1 – 2,5 ℃/s (0,18 – 3,6 ℉/s)
Computer Specifications
Operating systemWindows XP and Window 7 (32-bit operating system only)
Processor speedIntel Dual Core E2160 (1.8 GHz) or higher
Memory1 GB or more
Communication portHigh speed USB 2.0
Screen resolution1280X1024 px or higher
Optical Specifications
Light sourceShort arc lamp (120W) **
Sensor16-bit 2D CCD
Excitation filter / emission filter ***5 sets

 * Thermal gradient function is not available in some countries. Please contact us for more information.
  ** Continuously turning the tube on and off shortens the tube life. The tube generates heat when it is started. Be sure to turn off the Exicler ™(Ver.4) after the cooling fan stops. It usually takes about 2 minutes for the cooling fan to stop.
 *** See the following table for more information on filter sets.

※ The specifications of this product are subject to change without notice to improve performance.


PozycjaExcitation ()Emission ()SetFluorescent dyes
1PustyPusty1 –
24755291 FAM, SYBR Green I
35175601 JOE, TET
45495861 TAMRA, Cyan3
55726321 Texas Red, ROX, Red610
66286921 Cyan5, red670



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